Sonia has finally told her tragedy story against CanerElectronic campaign has launched to support the cancer patients, 2016


National Cancer Control Foundation has announced the launching of the electronic campaign to support the Cancer patients, 2016. The campaign is an annual tradition that aims, through the Foundation, to deliver the suffering of approximately fifteen thousand cancer patient whom has been supported by the foundation on its different centers and units in Sana’a and other Provinces, to the largest possible segment inside Yemen and abroad. At the beginning ,the campaign has  received a large reaction shown by the young friends of cancer patients, Student Unions, and charitable and humanitarian organizations. The campaign began on 30/8/2016, with the hash tag (# Sonia_talks) which has been received  with a lot of  inquiries by the SNS users because it was very mysterious . The mystery of this hash tag has been revealed by the evening of Thursday, 01/09/2016, punctually at four in the evening. Sonia appeared as an eighteen years old girl who has been suffering from cancer since 2014. Sonia appeared telling her own fight journey story along with the suffering of all Cancer  patients in Yemen. Her story directed a humanitarian message to all the philanthropists in the world to draw attention to this forgotten people who double suffer.