About Us

Establishment of NCCF:

The National Cancer Control Foundation(NCCF) was founded on March 19th, 2003. NCCF is a national non-profit foundation. It is financially independent and practice its activities and powers on the national and charitable basis in accordance with the procedures provided in its statute and constitution and laws applicable in the Republic of Yemen.

Fundamental Principles:

Humanity: relieve the suffering of the people and protect the human life.

Impartiality: NCCF carries out its mission without any discrimination.

Independency: NCCF is an independent foundation operates according to the  constitution and laws applicable in the Republic of Yemen.

Volunteer Work: NCCF is a human charitable foundation and the basis of its work is volunteer support patients who suffer from cancer and alleviate their suffering and their pain. It does not aim at financial profits.

NCCF Objectives:

  • Control cancer tumors.
  • Educate the community with the causes of cancer and prevention ways.
  • Educate and encourage the families and community to contribute in help the cancer patient psychologically, socially and physically.
  • Establish hospitals and centers and units of oncology.
  • Strengthen the relationships and cooperation between NCCF and other relevant organizations and associations.

NCCF World Prominence:

NCCF has a prominent position locally, regionally and internationally and it comes at the first place among  the few top bodies and charities operating in Yemen.

NCCF Programs and Activities:

  • Health and therapeutic services.
  • Awareness and health education.
  • Early detection of cancer.
  • Housing and social care.
  • Psychological support and assistance.
  • Support and community participation.
  • Infrastructure for treating tumors.
  • Training and rehabilitation.

International Memberships:

  • Union of International Cancer Control(UICC)
  • Gulf Federation for Cancer Control(GFCC).
  • Arab Federaation for Cancer Control(AFCC).
  • (Arab Medical Union(AMU).

 International Partnerships:

  • International Atomic Energy Agency.
  • International Federation for Cancer Control.
  • WHO
  • Gulf Federation for Cancer Control(GFCC).

Regional Partnerships:

  • Arab Association for Cancer Control.
  • UAE Red Crescent Authority.
  • Qatar Cancer Society.
  • The Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation.
  • Friends of Cancer Patients in Sharijah, UAE.
  • Al-Eman Cancer Charity, Jidah.
  • Saudi Cancer Society
  • Bahrain Cancer Society
  • Kuwait Cancer Society
  • Sanad Children’s Cancer Support Association- Riyadh.
  • Zahra Breast Cancer Association – Riyadh.

Local Partnerships:

  • Ministry of Public Health and Population.
  • National Center for Cancer Control.
  • Ministry of Tourism.
  • Ministry of Media
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of telecommunication.
  • National Atomic Energy commission.
  • National Cancer Control Foundation

Location: Head Office – Yemen – Sana’a – 60th Road

Tel: 009671219214

E-mail: info@nccfyemen.com